Hedwych’s babywearing education fundraiser

I have no doubt that without her video tutorials my wrapping experience would have been limited for a long time to 1-2 carries, and I would have never bought a shorty wrap without getting the courage from her videos to try it. She makes every carry seem like a piece of cake, let’s admit it. For many weeks I have been planning to put down on paper my thoughts about Hedwych and her contribution to the babywearing world, and almost every week she goes and…

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Weekly wrap up – 13/5/16-26/5/16

2 weeks worth of wrap releases 🙂 Nina took a break last week to celebrate her son’s birthday, congratulations again! 1.Artipoppe 5/13 Argus Obsession [40% Egyptian cotton 30% mulberry silk 20% seaweed 10% Japanese silk] Size 6(€2500) via email invoice draw 5/16 Argus Darius [50% Egyptian cotton 35% linen 15% wool] size 3(€215) Size 4(€225) Size 5(€235) Size 6(€245) Size 7(€255) via email invoice draw 5/16 Giveaway Argus Signature Canapa Navy size 6 via business page 5/18 Vogue Online Shopping Night event 40% off all…

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Weekly wrap up – 6/5/16-12/6/16

1.Artipoppe 5/10 Argus How The Dragon Was Tricked [42% Egyptian cotton 38% cashmere 20% hemp] Size 2(€360) Size 3(€390) Size 4(€420) Size 5(€450) Size 6(€480) Size 7(€510) 5/10 Two Birds Apolonia [43% Egyptian cotton 37% mulberry silk 20% babycamel] Size 3(€300) Size 6(€390) Size 7(€420) ring sling(€270) 5/11 Delft for Lucy [55% Egyptian cotton 45% mulberry silk] Size 3(€270) Size 4(€300) Size 5(€330) Size 6(€360) Size 7(€390) 5/12 Cornflower Tyger [52% cashmere, 48% Egyptian cotton] Size 3(€320) Size 4(€350) Size 6(€410) Size 7(€440) ring sling(€290)…

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Hanna Stjärnlöf Welin

The Bad Ass Mother by Hanna Stjärnlöf Welin

By: Hanna Stjärnlöf Welin (@hannastaaar) You know that feeling you get every now and then, that feeling that makes you go wow, I am one bad ass mother! That feeling? I hope you all feel that too because you are. Or fathers, you are bad asses too. Anyways there’s a few things that more often than others makes me feel that way and babywearing is one of them. When I take my son and toss him up on my back, wrap him up in a…

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weekly wrap up

Weekly wrap up – 29/4/16-5/5/16

This week wraps´ prices range from the lowest price of 140€ from Artipoppe for a size 2 wrap, with Linushka covering the highest price range for a size 6 at 490€. 1.Artipoppe 5/3 Black Label Newborn Collection available on webshop 5/5 Argus Soft Pink [60% Egyptian cotton 40% linen] Size 2(€140) Size 3(€150) Size 4(€160) Size 5(€170) Size 6(€180) Size 7(€190) via email invoice draw 2. Hubertine 5/3 Joséphine B. l’Atlantide [42% Supima cotton Oeko-Tex certified, 30% Mulberry silk Oeko-Tex certified, 28% Egyptian cotton Oeko-Tex…

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