Amalia Stairs


Why “A’s Babywearing Story”?

Anyone´s and everyone´s babywearing story. Alexander´s babywearing story. Amalia´s babywearing story.

As Alexander and I are entering the last stage in our babywearing experience, and as I am returning to work full time, I am trying to find a place where I could share our story, or parts of our story that could be of help or inspiration to other mothers that are looking into exploring the high end babywearing world.

Amalia Stairs

Who am I ? Who will post here ? Who will be featured here?

My name is Amalia, and I have been babywearing for less than two years. A very litle time, but it has been an intense experience that has made many changes in my life. My big passion in the world of high-end babywearing is Artipoppe. However, this will not be a page about myself, or Artipoppe. We will feature several high-end machine woven and hand woven brands, together with stories of their fans, collectors, scorers, models, photographers, owners. In addition, this page will have a group of editors, amazing friends I have made in the babywearing world, that share the love for babywearing, the babywearing community, and the beautiful wraps.

What posts will we have, what posts should you expect?

Each day of the week will have a specific theme.

Monday is for our own editorial, trying to feel the pulse of the high end babywearing world for that respective week.

Tuesday is when we publish a A Babywearing Story. Everyone that has a babywearing story that would like to share with us, is welcome. For the first month we will share the babywearing stories of the editors of this page, while you take your time to put down in words and photos your story. Once submitted to us, will work together on the final version to be published here.

Wednesday is when we publish our interview. Interviews with owners of various high end wrap brands, fans, collectors, scorers, models, photographers, muses, administrators of various groups, sling libraries, etc.

Thursday is when you take over the page, with information on babywearing events all over the world. Or any babywearing related information you think it may be relevant for us.

Friday we review the week´s releases from all the high end brands, quick reviews, and we discuss what we would like to see, design- wise, blend-wise, colour-wise, from the wrap brands.

The weekend is for your spam, or for your week-end inspiration, or for week-end fun, or week-end break.

When will the page be active?

We will start over the weekend and hope to have a smooth first week, with your help.

How will this work?

With your support. With patience while we are trying to figure out our way forward.