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Hedwych’s babywearing education fundraiser

I have no doubt that without her video tutorials my wrapping experience would have been limited for a long time to 1-2 carries, and I would have never bought a shorty wrap without getting the courage from her videos to try it. She makes every carry seem like a piece of cake, let’s admit it. For many weeks I have been planning to put down on paper my thoughts about Hedwych and her contribution to the babywearing world, and almost every week she goes and…

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Happy International Women’s Day!

I would like to share with you some of my thoughts about this day <3. My childhood image of 8th of March is helping my mom bring home tens and tens of flower bouquets and congratulation cards. Also, in the morning, I would have carried several flower bouquets with me to kindergarten to give to the women working in the kindergarten and taking care of me. I grew up knowing that I will go to law school, even from the first grade we were asked which…

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Documenting babywearing

“Mom, why are you taking pictures of you wearing Alexander?” asks my daughter without fail every time we take a walk together and I get my phone out to take a selfie. (I may use “a” very loosely here, ahem.) In the beginning I would just stop, thinking is her way of telling me she is bothered by it, but then she´d tell me she doesn´t want me to stop taking the pictures, she just wants to know WHY I am taking the pictures… So…

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Numbers tell a story

Numbers. They can tell you a lot, or nothing 🙂 This is a list of some of the MW HE wrap brands based on their business page followers, and for reference, member numbers for the chatter groups. What do you think, do these number tell a story of the babywearing world, or are irrelevant ? I can open the ´A´s Babywearing Story´ group for discussion, if that is more convenient than commenting on the page:) If I missed any big names from the list, let me…

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pantone swatches

Spring 2016 colours

Happy Monday everyone, And so it is February, with its promise that soon the winter should end. I´m expecting an overnight change in the decorations around the city, from the forgotten Christmas trees and snow flake lights to the velvet, velvety, velvetiest Valentine´s hearts and red roses money can buy. “Color is truly contextual, and what is happening in the world is truly reflected by these colors.”, according to Pantone Color Institute. So what are the chances that we will see some of the Pantone´s…

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