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An ode to high end babywearing

I have a serious case of the “sod-its” People say getting into high end babywearing is like going down a rabbit hole. For me it sings to all that I adore, beautiful fabrics, design, texture and holding my children closely.  I am unapologetic in my reverie of this hobby. Nay, obsession. Granted, a year ago I audibly scoffed at the possibility of a wrap costing more than a decent buggy (new I hasten to add) and why on earth one would have more than a…

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ellie and the girls

Babywearing, grief and postnatal depression

Today my father would have been 65. He lost his battle with cancer when I was 12 weeks pregnant with my son. I am still not able to put in words or deal with the conflict I felt between the instinct to protect my pregnancy and the need to grief for my loss. So when Ellie, someone I haven´t spoke with before, sent us this fragment from her writing I felt a connection knowing that I can talk to someone that can relate to this,…

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