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Hanna Stjärnlöf Welin

The Bad Ass Mother by Hanna Stjärnlöf Welin

By: Hanna Stjärnlöf Welin (@hannastaaar) You know that feeling you get every now and then, that feeling that makes you go wow, I am one bad ass mother! That feeling? I hope you all feel that too because you are. Or fathers, you are bad asses too. Anyways there’s a few things that more often than others makes me feel that way and babywearing is one of them. When I take my son and toss him up on my back, wrap him up in a…

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Biliana Veleva-Rotse

Biliana Veleva-Rotse’s babywearing story

Biliana is a perfect example of why I started this page and will continue sharing beautiful babywearing stories. Impressive, inspiring, heartwarming. ❤ Thank you for sharing your story with us, Dr. Biliana 🙂, and looking forward to seeing some stunning spam with your well deserved Argus Be. ❤ _____________________________________________________ Sometimes I look around my bedroom and wonder how on earth I’ve amassed such an incredible collection of textiles. I certainly didn’t value them just 2 years ago. But now, I look at this assortment of…

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Lisa and Elijah

Lisa and Elijah – babywearing and Down’s Syndrome

Lisa´s and Elijah story<3 I feel privileged to have been asked to contribute our story as part of the Down Syndrome awareness week. Our story started nearly 7 years ago, when, at day 5 of our precious firstborn’s life, we were told that he has DS. At the time I didn’t know much at all about DS. All I knew was that it was a mental disability, some sort of learning difficulty, and my heart broke. 6 days later he was discharged from the hospital…

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Anna and Paul

Anna & Paul – babywearing and Down’s Syndrome

Part of our Down Syndrome Awareness Week stories, today we share Anna’s and Paul’s story, in the original French version. <3 English version follows. ________________________________________________ Paul est arrivé dans nos vies à 13h00 pile, le mercredi 15 avril 2015. Nous l’attendions depuis longtemps et déjà il nous avait montré ce petit trou dans son coeur qui rendait les choses un peu compliqué. On nous avait fait à l’idée que la cause était génétique même si nous avions refusé les tests, pour ne pas mettre sa…

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Emma and Amos

Famous Amos, Babywearing and Down’s Syndrome

I Am Emma Our son Amos was born 4 weeks prematurely in November 2012. We were told the next day, in a very blunt way, that our son had Down’s Syndrome and our world fell apart for a while. We knew nothing about the condition and feared the worst: imagining a life of misery, compromises and disappointment. I came across babywearing via another mama in our DS community who carried her son in an Ergo and quickly found I couldn’t live without having Amos in…

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